Oh dear. The most striking anagram for my name seems to be; "Traded Down". A good alternative seems to be "Tad Drowned". I don’t know what this tells us about me, I may have to go and think about it for a while with a cold beverage. Feel free to share your thoughts in the […]

Happy New 2009

Happy turn of the year everyone. I thought I would get in early this year with a shot of the family sitting on Manly harbour beach watching the ‘family’ fireworks this evening. This year we didn’t plan so much as just wander down there and see what was going on. The ankle biters got to […]

Two Types of People

Today’s spark of inspiration is that the world is divided into two types of people. You can tell the difference when they are faced with a problem of some sort, of any sort in fact. The two approaches are; 1. I’m waiting for someone to tell me how to sort this out. 2. There are […]

Early Season Summer Holiday

We have just returned from our ‘Summer’ holiday on the Gold Coast. A swell time was had by all, despite the fact that the roads were in turmoil due to the impending motor race. We were there to relax, kick back and to scare small people witless at the various adventure parks. We managed to […]

Nice Quiet Weekend

The boys and I have just enjoyed a nice quiet weekend. Whilst SWMBO enjoyed herself at a cheap little place up the coast the boys and I have: Been to under 5 sports activities (a.k.a "runaround") Gone swimming Been to JFGP‘s piano lesson Survived a trip to the mall Finished swimming lessons for the term […]