A little light distraction

If you have a little spare time you could do worse than watch (and listen to) this amazing episode of “Live from Daryl’s House”. http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/currentep.html?ep_id=72 The Daryl in question was once half of Hall and Oates and here he is playing a few tunes with Rumer. If you haven’t got much time just skip forward […]

Musical Cornucopia

2013 is turning into a cracking year for new music from some of my favourite artists. I feel like I am being spoiled. I’ve already taken delivery of Standards by Lloyd Cole and Alaska by The Silver Seas. Both are in heavy rotation and get better by the listen. As if that wasn’t enough I […]

The Music Randomiser

Inspired by the top people at Word Magazine and their semi-regular ‘Randomizer’ feature I decided to share what is playing on my music player with anyone who stumbles across this page. It’s quite simple really. Set the music player of your choice to random (in my case that’s iTunes) and list the first 5 tracks […]

Did I mention XTC?

I don’t know when it happened but one day in my early 40’s I woke up and discovered that I love XTC. Along with Prefab Sprout they are probably the finest pop artists of the last thirty years. As evidence allow me to present the fantastic Mayor of Simpleton; You should also listen to Wasp […]

No, Surrender

Taking a leaf out of the ever smashing Scaryduck’s book please find below a top tune for you to love. It’s from Justin Currie’s first solo album “What is Love For?” and comes in two parts because it is double good; No, Surrender – Part 1 No, Surrender – Part 2 For some unknown reason […]

Way to Normal

People, good news. Ben Folds has a new record coming out called “Way to Normal”. It’s out in September, remarkably close to my birthday. Hearing this news has made my day. For more information check out the details in an interview in the (previously unknown to me) magazine called Paste.

Can We See the Dan?

Following the links on my last post I note that the worlds best over produced West Coast rock duo are on a massive world tour this year. They are even gracing us with their presence down under. Even better they are playing a gig in Sydney. However, I have had a long standing aversion to […]