Stone Cold Sober

Del Amitri on stage at the Enmore Theatre

For only the second time I was lucky enough to see Del Amitri live last night. They were spectacular. Although at my current rate I will see them again in my 80s.

Looking at a Lake

Come and look at a lake they said. It’s blue they said. It’s a gentle 5km walk they said.

A lake in the Snowy Mountains

Except the lake wasn’t blue, it was 5km each way, and the flies were worse than yesterday. Although we did get to skip across a river crossing. Tomorrow I’m going to stay in and watch the tennis.

My companions crossing a stream

Before the Rain

Sydney Sixers vs Brisbane Heat at North Sydney Oval in a BBL match on 4th January

Before the rain came a cricket match broke out. The Sydney Sixers played the Brisbane Heat in the first BBL match at North Sydney Oval on the 4th of January, 2023. Sadly rain shortened the game to 13 overs a side and then caused it to be cancelled after the first innings. Although as JFGP said they were a pretty good 13 overs.

An Uneasy Peace

Cat on chair with toy Yoda

Only the cat knows why he likes to sit on a chair with Yoda. Just as long as he doesn’t cross the Jedi master and find himself floating a metre above the floor.