The Perils of Elevation

Positive aspects of an office on the 52nd floor – the views across a lovely harbour and city and even out to sea on a clear day. The negative aspect can be summed up as “fire drill”. No need for leg day at the gym this week.

Two Birthday Boys

They may no longer be small, or boys for that matter. But here are the two offspring in a classic pose to celebrate their birthdays. One happened last week and the other is a couple of days away. Happy Birthday not so small offspring.

Sweet, Sweet Coffee

Having recently returned from the UK I was delighted to be re-acquainted with my coffee machine. The combination of decent beans, decent machine, and a half competent barista was music to my taste buds.

An Uneasy Peace

Only the cat knows why he likes to sit on a chair with Yoda. Just as long as he doesn’t cross the Jedi master and find himself floating a metre above the floor.