The Annihilation Score

Author : Charles Stross Title: The Annihilation Score This book was released in the civilised parts of the world last Thursday. I appear to have read it in five days. Which given that I’m averaging four to five books a year at the moment is something of a speed read for me. Unsurprisingly I rather […]

The DaVinci Code

It’s popcorn fiction of the worst kind, with cliche ridden dreadful writing and less than one dimensional characters. The prose style is taken directly from the sub-editors desk at The Sun. Don’t even get me started on the enormous number of simple factual errors in the text, not least the screamingly obvious fact that Mr […]

The Consolations of Philosophy

A gentle introduction to philosophy for those of us without a background in the subject, The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton muses on some of life’s seemingly intractable problems and garners advice from some of history’s most eminent and interesting philosophers. From Socrates to Nietzche via Epicurus and Montaigne Alain de Botton shows […]

Python Cookbook

This may be stretching your interest a bit dear reader, but I’ve convinced myself I need to write a quick review of every book I read and put it here. Not least so that I know I’ve read them. Age and lager can weary a memory you know. I’ve recently finished reading the first edition […]

Sebastian Faulks – Birdsong

Time for an experiment. Here is my first book review on this blog. This isn’t a critique, more a set of notes to remember what I got from the book and which bits I liked. I actually finished Sebastian Faulk’s Birdsong a couple of weeks ago but that time hasn’t dimmed it’s impact. It’s strength, […]