These Marvellous Men

It all started in the pub, as these things often do. Ben told us that he had applied to take part in the Red Bull Flugtag, and been accepted. Whilst Richard and I were very happy for him we wondered why he was mentioning it to us. We soon found out because we were informed that we had been selected to be Ben’s support team.

And so I found myself on a Sunday afternoon in November perched on a platform 6 metres above Sydney harbour wearing a completely black outfit, fake moustache and full wig headbanging to ‘Ace of Spades’ and then – oh just watch the video …

Extra points if you can figure out which one was me. As you’ve probably guessed I didn’t have to do much other than turn up and push Mr Reeve into the harbour. But it was a complete hoot and, as usual, the Reeve (and Apps) clans had done a bang up job preparing for a great event. I raise a glass to Ben and his crazy ideas and I hope you will too.