Nearly Here

I order our new car in April. Last week I had to sign the paperwork, arrange insurance and agree a price for my part exchange. With a bit of luck and a following wind we will be the proud possessors of a new car early next week. There is only one thing left to sort […]

These Marvellous Men

It all started in the pub, as these things often do. Ben told us that he had applied to take part in the Red Bull Flugtag, and been accepted. Whilst Richard and I were very happy for him we wondered why he was mentioning it to us. We soon found out because we were informed […]

Visitor Lunch in Darling Harbour

The boy’s great Aunt and Uncle are in town so we met them at their hotel and then went for lunch in Darling Harbour. Whilst we were waiting for our food JFGP decided to try out the new video camera. Many apologies for the speedy pans, you have been warned, but his Mum says that […]

A Charming Video

For our second video this month JFGP explains what he is doing. Why am I sharing video with you? Because it is the first one from my new camcorder. Special thanks to Grandad Perry for posting it on to us. Expect much more moving picture goodness in the near future as the whole family seems […]