And We’re Back

For those paying attention things have been rather, err, empty around here for the last couple of weeks. The nice people hosting this web site decided to turn off the server running it without notice. Which was nice. Luckily I’ve managed to resurrect the content and move it to a new host. If you didn’t […]

Comedy Night

Last night I did something I have been threatening to do for ages. I went out. As I grow older and even more curmudgeonly this is a rarer and rarer occurrence. But after watching Billy Connolly at the Opera House (nearly eighteen months ago now) I had made a sincere pledge to go and watch […]

Night Out

Mr Hennessy and I are planning a night out next week. We are going to live at the Brewhouse for their monthly comedy night. It starts at 7:30 next Thursday night (the 13th of September). If you are free that night and want to join us feel free.

Winged Warrior

JFGP had a little accident. He was on holiday with his Mum and his little brother and managed to take a tumble. They were camping just north of Newcastle and it had been raining – quite a lot. The assembled small people were playing in the playground at the camp site and number 1 son […]

Christmas 2011

This is our official family photo for 2011. If I was witty and eloquent I would accompany it with an annual family message. But I can’t compete with Mil Millington. So go and read his message for a few wry smiles. I will let you into a little secret about this year’s photo. I had […]

Nearly Here

I order our new car in April. Last week I had to sign the paperwork, arrange insurance and agree a price for my part exchange. With a bit of luck and a following wind we will be the proud possessors of a new car early next week. There is only one thing left to sort […]

Standing Still For a Moment

I’m writing this from my in-laws lounge in sunny Bracknell. I’ve just come to a stop after two days of non stop car travel, excursions and family bonding for small boys and their mother. This holiday business is hard work, but enjoyable. I’ve got a couple of vignettes for you from this trip. Firstly, my […]

These Marvellous Men

It all started in the pub, as these things often do. Ben told us that he had applied to take part in the Red Bull Flugtag, and been accepted. Whilst Richard and I were very happy for him we wondered why he was mentioning it to us. We soon found out because we were informed […]

Roaming the streets

As it was the last day of October the ankle biters insisted on dressing up and then roaming the streets in search of sweets. Ordinarily I’d be a little bit concerned but given that this is October this kind of behaviour is considered quite acceptable. In fact they were part of one of the many […]

Rules for Card Games

Do you remember that card game you used to play as a family when you were younger? You know; rummy, cribbage, 500, 9 card brag, Canasta, or some other equally obscure game. But do you remember the rules? Because I certainly don’t. For an afternoon, or more usually a damp British summer, I would have […]