Unintended Consequences

There is an old adage in management circles that people optimise their work towards what is measured. In my business if you measure someone on the number of bugs they fix it has been observed that some programmers will actually introduce problems in their code just so that they can fix them and increase their […]

Things worth mentioning

Once more it has been a little quiet around these parts. Whilst I’m busy doing things other than writing here are some things which I have recently discovered to be rather good: Outbursts – the last track on Outbursts by Turin Brakes Glad and Sorry – track 3 on CD2 of There’s a Whole New […]

Name of the Week

An occassional competition, run when I feel like it and when I find a name that is so good it must be applauded – or the parents prosecuted for child abuse. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present this week’s winner, spotted on an internal email at work – “Irish Fearsâ€?.

House Concert

On Thursday the 19th of November we are hosting a night of music and entertainment and you’re invited. Francis Dunnery has been making music for the best part of 30 years, first as the singer and lead guitarist of It Bites and since the early 90s as a solo artist. He combines great songwriting and […]

Should Have Gone to Blackpool

We have made it to our holiday destination. Unfortunately the weather would better suit an English winter than an Aussie spring. The good news is that the driving rain and southerly wind are due to come to an end. The bad news is that the bureau of meteorology are saying that this is going to […]

High Days and Holidays

At about this time for the last couple of years my lovely wife’s thoughts have turned to holidays for the family. Spring is approaching, the weather is getting warmer and we can look forward to getting away as a family for some fun in the sun. In appreciation of the delights of the global financial […]

Party in the Park

It is July and the ankle biter’s birthdays (JFGP turns 6 and MIGO turns 4 in the next week) are fast approaching. Small boy’s thoughts then naturally turn to presents and parties. Luckily SWMBO was on the case and organised a sports activities party for the boys and a few of their close friends. Presided […]

After the Deluge

I’ve just checked and there is a bloke at the end of our street with a pile of wood and nails. Not to mention a variety of interesting looking hammers. He is calling himself Noah and I’m beginning to think that he isn’t that mad after all. I love the sub-tropical summer.