The Best

Happy 25th birthday to my favourite album. I wear a t-shirt with this picture on the front and no one has a clue what it represents.

Lyrics Friday

Every Friday I’m going to post a favourite song or lyrical phrase that I have listened to in the last seven days. Here is our first; “Dayglo jesus on the dash Chalk marks on the road ahead Friendly fire in hostile waters”

Fire It Up

Checking this site it appears that I have only put up one post this year. I think that it’s time to see if I can improve on that record. So here’s my plan. In 2019 I’m going to try and post at least one photo a week. Then I’m going to get ambitious and try […]


JFGP and a group of classmates entered the Sydney Metro metrominds competition. And they won.

Two Growing Boys – July 2016

Has it really been over a year? I’m not keeping up with that photo a month publishing schedule I set myself. I will try and do better in future. Here we have two boys between their birthdays in July 2016. JFGP has just turned 13 and MIGO will be 11 in a few days. You […]