Two Growing Boys – July and August 2011

A special double month bonanza in this post. First, we have two small boys from July, otherwise known as the birthday month. We had quite a busy time with 2 parties to (in my case) attend. MIGO’s was first, even though his birthday is later, and we enjoyed a couple of quiet hours at AMF Bowling in Dee Why. Well, as quiet as you can expect with 12 children between the ages of 5 and 8. Still no one lost any shoes and there was very little crying. So I count that as a success.

Our next party was a week or so after JFGP‘s birthday and he decided on a gymnastics party. The lovely people at Manly Warringah Gymnastics club organise kid’s parties most weekends and have the event down to a fine art. From floor exercises to the beam, the parallel bars and even vaulting into a foam pit the small people have (and had) a ball. Then we just escorted them upstairs and filled them with the finest party food. Not a healthy item on the table. This one was another hit and a number of the attendees left claiming that they wanted their party at the gym.

Your extra treat is the August picture of the two small people. The month is still young so there isn’t a huge amount to report. Swimming lessons start again in a couple of weeks as we continue our preparation for the 2016 Olympic games where the team are confident of a large number of medals in the pool.

Those keeping an eye on my photo stream at flickr will be forgiven for thinking that I have gone into hibernation. Well I have, somewhat, but I am hoping to get out and about with my camera as winter turns into spring and we start to venture out of the house again. I may even start taking pictures that don’t feature the kids. Then again maybe I won’t.