Easter Bunny

The trials of a stuffed toy

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An empty plate

The Reeve family invited us to lunch on Easter Sunday. Always happy to take up an offer of a free meal we were around there faster than Ben could light the barbecue. This picture shows the quality of the repast on offer. A restraining order had to be taken out to separate Jonny Palmer from the crunchy roast potatoes.

Bunny looking in the gravy boat

We are not completely heartless. We took Milly a present, a lovely, cuddly, easter bunny rabbit. Sadly she didn't want to play with it so Mr Palmer and I decided to let him run riot around the dinner table. He was a little miffed that we had eaten all of the food though and started a quest to clean up the crumbs. His first stop was the gravy boat, but he had no luck there as we had polished off the lot.

Bunny tries a little red wine

With no food, what is a bunny to do? Go for the red wine, obviously. A cheeky, fruity number from someone in Australia, possibly even the Hunter Valley was the first port of call. Jon and I did try and discourage the bunny from hitting the turps but he was quite insistent. He started mumbling something about "being able to understand you lot a bit more easily" and started slurping.

Hot bunny injection

I think the red wine got the better of our intrepid bunny and he started branching out. No one else had tried the mustard so he decided to get up close and personal. Gazes were averted at this point as what he was attempting to do should not be witnessed in polite company. Apparently this picture should be captioned"Hot Bunny Injection"- thanks Mr Palmer.

Bunny quenches the fire within

Bunny discovered that mustard is quite hot. After running around the table panting and shouting "hot, hot, hot" he stumbled across a glass of water. We think it was there for one of the mothers, as everyone else was far too entranced with the vino. Still, it seemed to calm our cuddly friend down and he settled down for a few sips and then closed his eyes - only for a moment mind you.

The best chardonnay in the world

After a rest and a bit of recuperation what is a bunny about the table supposed to do? Why, head for the best chardonnay in the world of course. Anything else would have been an anti-climax. This wasn't the end of our large eared friend's antics for the day, but he spotted our intrepid photographer and we had to stop taking pictures at this point.