Where are We?

Your online guide to our whereabouts

Its 2007, and we are going on a trip to the UK. This is where we are going to be in October 2007

Date Location Comment
28.09.2007 Bracknell
29.09.2007 Bracknell
30.09.2007 Bracknell
01.10.2007 Bracknell
02.10.2007 Bracknell
03.10.2007 Bracknell
04.10.2007 Bracknell
05.10.2007 Bracknell
06.10.2007 Bracknell Day trip to Chichester
07.10.2007 Bracknell
08.10.2007 Bracknell
09.10.2007 Exmouth Andy arrives
10.10.2007 Exmouth
11.10.2007 Exmouth
12.10.2007 Exmouth
13.10.2007 Exmouth RWC Semi Final 1
14.10.2007 Exmouth RWC Semi Final 2
15.10.2007 Exmouth
16.10.2007 Exmouth
17.10.2007 Exmouth
18.10.2007 London
19.10.2007 London
20.10.2007 Bracknell RWC Final
21.10.2007 Bracknell
22.10.2007 Bracknell
23.10.2007 Bracknell
24.10.2007 Exmouth
25.10.2007 Exmouth Francis Dunnery in Bristol
26.10.2007 Exmouth
27.10.2007 Bracknell Fireworks part in Reading
28.10.2007 Bracknell
29.10.2007 Bracknell Back on the paraffin budgie

Historical Information

As we are no longer itinerants, this page is largely pointless. I've left it on the site mainly for nostalgic reasons. It may come back into its own at some time in the future, but until then feel free to remember the summer of 2002 with me;

Date Location Comment
19.06.2002 Manly Moving out of our house
20.06.2002 - 26.06.2002 New Zealand Enjoying a week skiing in the best island of the best country in the world
30.06.2002 Chez Reeve Ben and Robyn are hosting a Golden Jubilee celebration
01.07.2002 In the Air We will be winging our way from Sydney to London on a paraffin budgie
04.07.2002 - 07.07.2002 Poynings Off to expand "The Parenting Pool" at the Lewis family in Poynings, just outside Brighton.
07.07.2002 - 08.07.2002 Andover Just popping in to see the Whistons on our way to visit the Todd family.
08.07.2002 - 12.07.2002 Exmouth Staying with my Mum and Dad. We will be visiting venues, chatting to caterers and registering with the registrar. What fun.
12.07.2002 - 14.07.2002 London Quality time in Balham - and why not.
15.07.2002 - 22.07.2002 Portugal A week at a luxury villa in the Algarve. By my reckoning, this will be our third free holiday of the year. Marvellous.
25.07.2002 - 26.07.2002 Shifnal, Shropshire A visit to Mr East to inform him of his duties for the happy day. Jon is going to be our master of ceremonies and you would be surprised how many jobs that entitles him to.
26.07.2002 - 27.07.2002 The West Midlands A couple of quality days not in Dudley with Matthew and Amy. During this visit Matthew and I will be venturing to the Merry Hill Centre to get team ties for the wedding. Oh, the joy. But the good news is that we are fitting in a Francis Dunnery concert at the Midlands Art Centre on Saturday night. Superb, I can't wait.
28.07.2002 Exmouth The Perrys are venturing to Devon for the day. After, or possibly during, the regal inspection of the wedding venues there will be a meeting of the parents. I'm hoping that will occur over lunch, but who knows.
30.07.2002 Pampering Bobo and the rest of the Perry females are off to a health spa for the day. Anyone fancy joining me in the pub?
02.08.2002 Dry Runs Bobo gets to try out her hair and makeup. I get to sit around and read the paper whilst waiting for her to finish.
04.08.2002 Lunch The Perry family are assembling at Perry Mansions in Reading (well, all bar Lorna anyway) for lunch. I shall not be referring to anyone as "the Spiv".
06.08.2002 Gratuitous Crawling Happy Birthday Vikki. For those who don't know her, Vikki is my sister.
09.08.2002 More Bonding The blushing bride is taking the Matron of Honour to meet the flower girl. They can then start the bonding process. I shall be spending some quality time with my laptop.
10.08.2002 Various Celebrations of the impending nuptials in gender specific groups at seperate locations.
11.08.2002 Party Richard, Belinda and Lucy Allen are hosting a soiree in Ealing. Apparently there will be lots of talk of what a wonderful school Ranelagh was.
16.08.2002 Devon Apparently there is something going on this day, but I can't remember what it is
17.08.2002 - 24.08.2002 Who Knows? The honeymoon. The smart money is on Skegness as the venue