Another Party

We were leaving town and they threw a party

Click on any of the thumbnails to get a larger picture.

In the pub

Before the meal, we assembled in the Mosman hotel for a couple of cleansing ales.

Still in the pub

Here are Mr Buck and Mr Davis.

A lovely cake

Belinda's mum baked us a cake. Thanks Mrs Sinclair.

At the table

We are in the restaurant now. Say hello to the Geezer and Debbie.

Mark and Sophie

Messrs Templeton and Creasey were a late entrant. Apparently it was all my fault that they didn't get invited. Bad Andy.

The Buck-Jones'

Chris Buck and Cathy Jones. Chris thinks his shirt is trendy, we chose not to tell him that he is an eighties throwback.

Richard and Kevin

Fancy a database? These two will build you one in a flash. See hello to our partners in Oracle, Richard Stott and Kevin Vaz.

A selection of diners

From the left; Jon Palmer, Brigitte Gladstone and Diane Hiles. If you look at the full size photo you will see even more of the people at the meal.

Geezers head

The back of the Geezer's head. What a fine photo this is. That must mean that I took it.

People eating

Some people enjoying the fine fare provided by Corbinos. Apart from Chris, who didn't stop talking all night.


Bobo is seen here contemplating the inside of her eyelids.


Say hello to Ciaran Hennessy.

The budgie and stotty

The budgie is the one with the wine glass, the distinguished looking gentleman is called Richard. Bless.

Alison and Ben

Alison and Ben. Later in the evening Ben was spotted in the pub drinking Gin and Red Bull. The man is an animal.

Bobo and Emma

Bobo and Emma, a self portrait. Aren't they lovely?

Bobo and Emma take 2

Second time lucky.


Here is Kevin Vaz, I think he must have been listening to one of the Budgies stories at this point.

Me and a roll

There always has to be a picture of an unfeasibly shaped object. Just be thankful it wasn't an amusing vegetable.


Richard being so casual. It comes very easily to him.

Bobo Scary

Someone told Bobo all the food was low fat.

Richard Allen

Richard Allen. Father and speech maker. Marvellous.

Nearly done

Bobo is caught on her travels around the table. Here she is pictured with Richard and Christopher J Rath esq.