I have been dudded. Done. Tucked up like a kipper. Defrauded.

I am not happy about it either. I broke out of the office to get some lunch. Feeling in need of a boost I decided some quality junk food was in order. I went to Burger King at the Macquare Centre and order a Bacon Deluxe, some regular fries (well, chips) and some tomato ketchup. I dragged the food back to my desk so that I could continue working whilst topping up my grease levels and opened the brown paper bag. Disaster! No tomato ketchup. Well, I thought to myself, I can deal with that disappointment. I removed the burger from the bag and thought “hmm, this looks a bit small for a bacon deluxe” I then actually bit into the burger and found that it was actually a fish burger! I was outraged, and of course couldn’t go back to complain because that is a fifteen minute round trip. So my only response was to post this entry to my diary.

As far Burger King – bah, humbug.

More Rubbish Web Sites

I thought the great stock market crash of last year had taken them all out, but people are still launching crap web sites.

Take a quick look at DriverSMS. Never mind that we all know the business model won’t work, I’d like you to just look at the actual application and think how many people you know who would actually use it. Doomed, I tell you! Doomed!

The clock is ticking, we will see how long they last.

My friend Ciaran has gone

My friend Ciaran has gone mad. Unlike me he isn’t rushed off his feet at work so he is surfing the web for amusement. Just to prove his lack of marbles I’m going to share some of the URLs he has sent me today with you. You have been warned 😉


Proof, if proof was ever needed, that the internet is full of a load of old rubbish.

Another day

Another day, another bunch of problem reports. My job at the moment is an unalloyed joy as I wade through elliptic descriptions of supposed problems that may, or may not, have appeared when users have tested our system. To make matters even more interesting, we are still developing parts of the system as we approach that mythical ‘go live’.

Expect to see me become more manic as we edge closer to having a working system which will go live (whether we like it or not) on the 19th of November.

Meanwhile, my tennis game is getting shot away. This may be connected to work, or it could just be a reflection of my talent.

And finally (as they say on all good news bulletins), I’ve discovered that at least some of my contemporaries from university have done well for themselves since we graduated. Steve Clews is a director of Anisa Consulting. Not bad, for a Cornish boy, I always said he was going to go far 😉

Techie Tasks

Update on the techie tasks;

The list of archive pages will not appear in the panel to the left anytime soon. For the curious amongst you this is because that section is populated by executing a javascript script in place which doesn’t work with my hosting company (http://free.prohosting.com/). They do funny things with my html to add the banner ad you can see at the top of the page and that stops the archive listing appearing. Until I can figure out a cunning plan we’re stuck with it I’m afraid.

The web site makeover is still progressing though. All this work just for a different background colour, blimey.

Good news of the day, Bobo is home safe and sound. It is now about 12:30 and she is having a ‘snooze’. The sweepstake is open for when she will actually complete her impression of Rip Van Winkle. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Technical Diversions

Sorry to get all technical in my diary, but it has to be done every now and then.

I’ve got two techie tasks on the boil which will affect your viewing pleasure. The first is to get the archive listing to the left of this page to work. It is generated automatically by the lovely people at Blogger but doesn’t want to render properly from this web server. It shall be fixed.

The second top techie task is to conver the whole web site to the look and feel of this web page. This may take some time so bear with me whilst this work is done.

There is not a lot else to report at the moment. Bobo will be coming home this weekend so preparations for her arrival will probably start soon.

In the absence of any actual content, please send me some. Email me at andrew@andrew-todd.com. It will be a good way to see if anyone is actually reading this drivel.