In the Pool, with Rain

This is the last mention of the rain, honest. Whilst on holiday we did manage to get out of our room between downpours. On a couple of those occasions we lounged around and in the hotel pool. Here you see SWMBO and JFGP taking the waters. Those strange blobs on the surface of the pool, […]

King of the Bed

There have, apparently, not been enough pictures of JFGP on this blog recently. Well here you go folks. Behold number one son lording it over the king size bed in our room in Phuket. A place where he is entirely too comfortable if you ask me. Why were we inside? Well it was raining of […]


After a short break the daily photo is back. During my hiatus I spent a week in Thailand with SWMBO and JFGP. They rather enjoyed it. I got rather wet. As this picture illustrates. Some advice for potential travellers; check the seasonal weather forecast before booking your holiday. Going to Phuket in the rainy season […]

Asleep No. 1

May I present the first in what may be a long series of pictures of JFGP taking a kip. It’s not posed, honest, but he has managed to snooze in some very impressive places, not least of which was Twickenham stadium whilst forty odd thousand people were screaming their heads off. This example was from […]

Fast Food

As part of our pilgrimage to Spa Francorchamps we had to take cross channel ferries to and from the continent. On the way there it was quite quiet because we were on the 2am sailing and the only facilities open were the bars. The way back was a little different and the 1pm Monday afternoon […]

Slightly Soggy at Spa

We went to the Belgium Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps. It rained. Rather a lot actually. My shoes took about two weeks to dry out afterwards. On the good news front, we were in a stand overlooking the fabulous Eau Rouge, possibly the finest corner in the whole of Formula 1. This picture was taken […]

Cool Dude

Alexander has decided that he wants to be the coolest baby on the block. There’s nothing wrong with a boy having ambitions, and he has certainly started well. Here he is sporting his mother’s sunglasses, just to see if that "I’m so bright I’ve got to wear shades" look is the one for him. I […]