Morning team

Morning team. The fun starts here. Whilst perusing ntk I came across a great definition of why compromising strong encryption is bad. If you didn’t understand the previous sentence, don’t worry, the chaps at ntk have taken the play school pill; “”” One: everyone has a legitimate use for encryption: heck, every time you pay …


Bugger. According to Yahoo! (as spotted by NextDraft) Swedish researchers say that people who give up smoking and then restart damage their lungs even more than people who carry on smoking. Read all about it here. Just a good incentive not to start back on the demon weed I guess.


Now I actually own something. Scary. I dropped off a cheque at the finance company today, the final payment on the lease of my car. I am now the proud owner of a Blue 1997 Honda Prelude Si. I might just give the car a wash to celebrate.

Early Doors

I crawled out of bed at some unfeasibly early hour this morning and stumbled into the bathroom. Whilst I was cleaning my teeth I glanced over at the shower cabinet and discovered that the door was in pieces. What a way to start the day. Much swearing ensued. After some extensive construction work I managed …