Two Growing Boys – November 2012

It’s November, which in this part of the world means the approach of both Summer and Christmas. I’ve been too busy to notice as there were 4 test matches on this weekend and I did my best to watch them all simultaneously. I’ve put in some hard work watching at the ground as well. A couple of weeks ago I spent the day at the SCG for the opening day of the NSW v Victoria Sheffield Shield match. But enough about me, what about the two subjects of our photo? They have been busy attending school but managed to wrangle a day out last week. They both took part in a chess tournament and managed a few wins each.

We’ve also re-arranged our spare room in the last couple of weeks. Mainly so that Mum can park her shiny new racing bike inside. But also so that I could be encouraged to de-clutter even more of the things that I had been keeping ‘just in case’. I now have a lot less magazines, books and clothes but strangely no desire to go out and replace them. I’m going to start on the boy’s room next and see how many of their possessions they really need.