Winged Warrior

JFGP had a little accident. He was on holiday with his Mum and his little brother and managed to take a tumble. They were camping just north of Newcastle and it had been raining – quite a lot. The assembled small people were playing in the playground at the camp site and number 1 son went to slide down the slide. He didn’t want to get his trousers dirty so he decided to go down the slide on his feet. It all went well until he got to the bottom. Where it all went very badly.

That was 3 days into a week long holiday. After some time at the doctor’s and a couple of x-rays they managed to struggle through a couple more days but then came home early. My holiday at home was curtailed and my exclusive access to the playstation was at an end but it was good to see the little chap home safe and nearly well.

After a visit to our GP this morning, then a specialist and a few more x-rays the latest prognosis is that he has two breaks, one above and one below the elbow. He has a new cast and will be keeping it on for the next four weeks. I’ll post another photo when it comes off.