Christmas 2011

This is our official family photo for 2011. If I was witty and eloquent I would accompany it with an annual family message. But I can’t compete with Mil Millington. So go and read his message for a few wry smiles.

I will let you into a little secret about this year’s photo. I had it all planned – and in advance, which is a first for me. We were going to go to the beach and get a shot of 2 Aussie boys on their boogie boards enjoying the surf, sun and sand that epitomises living in Sydney. With Father Christmas hats on. It was already the perfect Australian Christmas photo, in my head. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. It has been cold, grey and raining for the last few weeks and on the day I had allotted for the Christmas photo it wasn’t any better.

So I had to improvise with an indoor shot. Considering the circumstances I don’t think that I did too badly.