Popular Culture Passing Me By

I note on the Flickr blog (amongst many other sources) that a new Harry Potter book is out soon.

Am I alone in my complete indifference to this publishing event of the year? No, didn’t think so. My completely un-scientific theory on the popularity of the young wizard is that they are books that are read by people who don’t read books. Almost entirely like Lord of the Toss. Go on, hands up if you’ve read all three volumes of the UK’s best loved book? See, no one. You have to be mad or bedridden to suffer through either of these literary masterpieces.

People like me who always have their nose in a paperback (or two) don’t view J.K.’s work very favourably I find. Probably because the prose style is rather wooden and the plots just a little bit predictable – what, Harry’s found himself in a terrible situation and has to use some undiscovered special power to get out of it? Blimey.

But if you like it don’t let me stop you giving even more money to Ms Rowling, I know she will thank you for it. Me, I’m off to read something by Terry Pratchett.