Happy birthday Mr Molland

Happy birthday Mr Molland for yesterday. Rumour also has is that the spiv was slightly older on Monday, but I can neither confirm nor deny that one.

It was a year ago that Sydney was reverberating to the sound of joyous crowds and sporting superlatives. That’s right, I really should dig out those Olympics photos. I was going to include a link to the Olympics web site here, but it has mysteriously disappeared.

On the sporting front, it is time for the annual "Festival of the Boot". For the uninitiated, this coming weekend sees the AFL grand final played on Saturday and the NRL grand final played on Sunday. There is, of course, only one place to go for coverage of these sporting pinnacles, the home of the festival, this Sporting Life. Our intrepid hosts, Roy and HG, spare no simile in their coverage of the matches and a jolly good time is had by all. If you only listen to one radio broadcast this year, make it the Festival of the Boot this weekend on this Sporting Life. You will thank me later.

Because it is a long weekend in Australia (something to do with equinoxes and virgins running around in fields with new born lambs) the boss and I are heading out of town.
The venue for the weekend (and they had better have a radio so that I can tune into Roy and HG) is Cypress Lakes.
Life is tough.