Christmas Lyrics

It’s the time of year when I fire up the Christmas playlist on Spotify and still find myself thinking that the line “top to toe in tailbacks” is one of the best lyrics in any pop song ever. Thanks Mr Rea for a top tune.

Two Growing Boys – July 2016

Has it really been over a year? I’m not keeping up with that photo a month publishing schedule I set myself. I will try and do better in future. Here we have two boys between their birthdays in July 2016. JFGP has just turned 13 and MIGO will be 11 in a few days. You […]

The Annihilation Score

Author : Charles Stross Title: The Annihilation Score This book was released in the civilised parts of the world last Thursday. I appear to have read it in five days. Which given that I’m averaging four to five books a year at the moment is something of a speed read for me. Unsurprisingly I rather […]