Lyrics Friday

Every Friday I’m going to post a favourite song or lyrical phrase that I have listened to in the last seven days. Here is our first; “Dayglo jesus on the dash Chalk marks on the road ahead Friendly fire in hostile waters”

Fire It Up

Checking this site it appears that I have only put up one post this year. I think that it’s time to see if I can improve on that record. So here’s my plan. In 2019 I’m going to try and post at least one photo a week. Then I’m going to get ambitious and try […]


JFGP and a group of classmates entered the Sydney Metro metrominds competition. And they won.

Uncle Giles!

This one’s for Outraged of Poynings. We’ve been trying to teach JFGP some tricks. So far he’s pretty good at counting from one to ten and saying "Daddy’s the king" but this one is his piece de resistance. Although I’d say that it needs a little more work until it rivals the quality of his […]