Award Winners

20110408-IMG_5249.jpg Today was the last day of the 1st term of 2011. The end of MIGO’s first full term of school. A double whammy day for the Todd boys. At Manly West they give numeracy and literacy awards at the end of each term and the two apples of my eye received one each.

JFGP received his award for “excellence in Mathematics” and MIGO was rewarded for his “keen interest in numbers”. It fair brings a tear of pride to my eye to have a couple of swots on the team. Although they have also joined the Chess club, and that may be a nerdy step too far.

One thought on “Award Winners

  1. It seems the gene pool has not been degraded by the mixing of todds & perrys. For myself it is nice to see the brains are coming thru at such an early age.

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